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Bubble Leather

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From the people
From the people
Got the Max Sand Gold a few days ago and I LOVE IT SO MUCH <3
— Nic N.
From the people
I bought Serena. I love her. Hopefully I can buy the Max next year
— Vic T.
From the people
I literally have never needed a bag more than I needed this
— Lola R.
From the people
I'm very satisfied with the delivery and customer service. The Maxke Sand Gold is the perfect in between bag. Love it <3
— Sam R.
From the people
Daaamnnn loving this bag so much! Got the Maxke Black!
— Eileen J.
From the people
Non je ne suis pas prête! J'ai mon Maxke Sand Gold que je ne quitte plus! Bravo pour votre travail il est splendide!
— Seve F.
From the people
One of the best presents I received last Christmas
— Zoe M.